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With Instructus Skills, End Point Assessment doesn’t need to be complicated.

Role-based benchmarking, cutting-edge tools and real-time reporting ensures our End Point Assessment service fits seamlessly into your workflow – and gives your apprentice the experience they deserve.

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Instructus Skills are recommended by 96.7% of partner Training Providers

Training Providers across the UK resoundingly agree – if they have worked with us before, either as Instructus Skills or in our previous guise of Skills CFA, 96.7% would recommend our services to their colleagues.


We are the UK’s largest certification authority. Work with us to ensure that your apprentice has their paperwork in order and is ready to pass.

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End Point Assessment

EPA doesn’t need to be complicated. We help your apprenticeship training to be focused, efficient, and a great experience for your team.

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Skills Development

We manage skills development projects both in the UK and abroad. Sign up and work with us to ensure that qualifications continue to work for you.

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Apprenticeships, Skills, Qualifications & NOS

Instructus Skills are responsible for the content of apprenticeships across the UK. Predominantly focused on pan-sector skills, our remit has grown to include Housing, Facilities Management and services in a variety of sectors.

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