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7 Apprenticeship Flexibilities Retained For 2022

As reported in August, the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (the Institute) has now finalised the seven apprenticeship flexibilities that it will keep in place for 2022.

Apprenticeship flexibilities are measures that the Institute introduced to help support apprenticeship training during the initial impact of Covid-19.

These flexibilities were due to expire at the end of 2021. However, following extensive stakeholder engagement, the Institute has determined to retain seven of the original ten flexibilities.

Update: Following the Government’s revised Covid-19 guidance, on 10/12/21 the Institute granted further extensions to the apprenticeship flexibilities. All information below reflects the most up-to-date guidance.

7 Apprenticeship Flexibilities Retained For 2022

    • Observations taking place in simulated environments
    • Remote delivery of assessment (including invigilation)
    • Pauses allowed between assessment methods during end-point assessment period
    • Assessments taking place outside of usual venues
    • Delivery of assessment methods in any order (when a specified order is in the assessment plan)
    • Exams/tests being online instead of on paper (originally specified as paper-based only)
    • Remote Gateway sign off (originally specified as having to be face to face)

This confirms that the following three flexibilities will expire on 28th February 2022.

    • Changes to who sits on the EPA interview/discussion panel (when someone besides the independent assessor is specified)
    • Allowing other suitable evidence of achievements in place of functional skills qualifications at Gateway
    • Extension to the length of the end-point assessment period (where specified)

The cut-off point for the three outgoing flexibilities will be the date on which the assessment begins, not the date of Gateway.

For example, should an apprentice’s first module of end-point assessment take place on or before 28th February 2022, they can make use of the outgoing flexibilities even if they do not complete their assessment until after 1st March 2022.

Any apprentice who starts their end-point assessment before 28th February 2022 and uses an outgoing flexibility may continue to use that flexibility after 1st March 2022 in the event that they need a resit or retake.

Do you use our end-point assessment service? Our last date for end-point assessments in 2021 will be tomorrow, Friday 10th December. You can still trigger Gateway and book assessment for 2022 after this date.

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