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A Year in Apprenticeships

It’s been a year since we relocated from our London office to Kettering, Northamptonshire, and now that the smell of the party poppers has faded and the anniversary cake has been eaten it’s a good time to reflect on the changes that we have seen over the last 12 months.

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As the largest Issuing Authority and Certification body for apprenticeships in the UK, we’ve seen huge changes in the last year including the introduction of the levy, the increasing take up in England of standards, the deferral of the closure of English frameworks, funding band reviews and the challenge of keeping skills aligned across the devolved nations. We are also keenly watching the debate on employer contribution to apprenticeship training unfold.

Our approach to these changes has been to remain focused on what we are good at; which is offering pragmatic solutions and advice, and using our many years of experience in the skills sector to ensure that we offer our customers and partners the most useful guidance.

We continue to support a large network of employers and we do believe that employers should be driving the skills agenda, but we also see, every day, how vital the work of training providers, awarding organisations and professional bodies is to ensuring a successful skills system in the UK. Providing support for the ‘wiring’ that is underneath the skills system is crucial, and often it is this detail that enables employers to achieve success with their people.

As we move forward we will be offering additional services to compliment what we already do. We’ve been successful in acquiring End Point Assessment Organisation status and are looking forward to working with employers and providers in the future to validate the skills of their people. We continue to support sectors in understanding future skills requirements and will work with all four nations to ensure that National Occupational Standards, qualifications and apprenticeships match the needs of learners across the UK.

For now, we want to thank everyone who has worked with us to date, and look forward to a challenging and successful second year in Kettering.

Are you ready for EPA?

With frameworks moving to End Point Assessment (EPA) in England, it’s important to know how the new standards will affect you. As a registered EPAO, Instructus Skills can help.

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