Making EPA Painless for Davidson Training

Even before co-founding Davidson Training in 1999, an Ofsted Grade 1 listed training provider, Lorraine Bunyard built her expertise about apprenticeships as an assessor. She’s trained a lot of learners, and she’s got a good idea of how apprenticeship training should work.

This is why Lorraine understands the importance of working with reliable, trustworthy partners – and that’s been no different since the introduction of End Point Assessment (EPA).

The move to Standards has changed the way that apprenticeships run. Learners are now graded by independent End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) rather than training providers themselves. It’s a move that ensures consistency across apprenticeship qualifications; yet with so many new EPAOs entering the market, where does a training provider start?

With the bottom line, of course.

“It was actually the costs that first attracted me to Instructus Skills”, Lorraine said. “The costs were in line with many other EPAOs and a lot cheaper than some.”

“However, the team at Instructus Skills were also much more helpful than other organisations we were talking to.”

“It all seemed so easy and too good to be true.”

Following a virtual meeting and an online demonstration of our resources, Davidson Training came aboard. Once up and running, it didn’t take long for Francesca Cardew and her Operations Team to make a positive impression.

“The ease of uploading apprentice data is great – to be honest, it all seemed so easy and too good to be true. Francesca was brilliant then and she is brilliant now. Response times are fantastic. We are listened to and our thoughts and recommendations, as well as concerns, have all been taken on board and actioned.”

“Every part of the service stands out to me.”

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Piloting is a vital part of developing any service, but testing is never as effective as the real thing. This was the case with End Point Assessment, and Lorraine’s feedback was vital as we honed our offer.

“I respected the fact that we were told we were the first customers. Honesty is good business acumen.”

“The team listened to our feedback and made some changes to their process to ensure it was as smooth as it could be for our learners. The fact that they responded so quickly to meet our needs was great.”

“Instructus Skills have done everything right, over and above what we expected.”

“They were professional to work with, friendly and helpful.”

Even as the UK’s largest apprenticeship certification organisation, we’re still a small team when it comes to EPA. Yet our dedication to high-quality assessment is what allows learners to shine when it matters the most.

“Instructus Skills operate very much like I operate my organisation”, Lorraine says. “We are what we call a ‘family’ and the team at Instructus seems very similar. Francesca and her team made End Point Assessment painless. They were professional to work with, friendly and helpful.”

“We will continue to work with Instructus Skills because of the excellent service we have received.”

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