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Starting an Apprenticeship

So how do you get started on an Apprenticeship? It can look daunting at first, but if you break it down into simple steps you can get a clearer idea of what you need to do…

  1. Decide on a job or trade that you would like to do

Easier said than done, right? If you’re someone who already knows what you want to do or what skills you want to develop, skip ahead to the next point. If you want to look at existing Apprenticeships to get a better idea of your options, check out the Government’s own Apprenticeship Search.

  1. Find out what skills you need to get started

If you do have an idea about what you want to do, then you can look at the courses in more detail and find out:

  • What jobs are available – and where
  • What skills you need to get started
  • What kinds of salary (and other benefits) you could expect

For further in-depth advice visit the National Careers Service.

  1. Register with a Training Provider

To take an Apprenticeship you need to work with a Training Provider. A Training Provider is an organisation that brings structure to your learning and guides you on the skills that you need.

A Training Provider such as 3aaa can match you with an employer, while some employers prefer to keep their training in-house. Despite the options, all Training Providers are subject to Ofsted regulation to ensure that they deliver a high standard of training.

Choosing a Training Provider

There are hundreds of Training Providers across the UK that can support you through your Apprenticeship – so how can you find the right one?

Use the Training Provider Finder to get started. Search by location, subject or skill level to find the providers that can help you.

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