Define the Skills Your Industry Needs

Instructus Skills (formerly Skills CFA) has operated as a UK Sector Skills Body for over 20 years, working with employers and training providers to produce effective, relevant apprenticeship qualifications.

Through the design, development and review of a full spectrum of skills-based products we aim to ensure that our qualifications work for apprentices, employers and training providers alike – but to achieve this, your involvement is vital. By participating in pan-sector and business skills apprenticeship consultations and surveys you can help to direct the skills that learners need, and shape the future of training for your industry.

Whether we’re developing National Occupational Standards (NOS), qualifications or an apprenticeship framework, we would like to hear your views about how vocational training can be improved.

Understanding Apprenticeships

With a range of apprenticeships open to UK employers how do you know where to start? Our guide to Understanding Apprenticeships gives you the basics.