Develop & Endorse a Professional Apprenticeship

It’s a fact that organisations that invest in employee development earn a higher ROI than those that do not. But what if you’ve looked into our apprenticeship qualifications and not found one relevant to your needs?

Instructus Skills offer a Qualification Development service, meaning that you can turn your internal training into a legitimate, endorsed award.

Through our work developing UK National Occupational Standards and qualifications, we understand the importance of quality learning – which is vital when these qualifications are undertaken by over 150,000 learners every year. Apprenticeship Development provides independent recognition for training providers, academic institutions and their programmes. We endorse programmes covering disciplines such as Management, Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing.

Benefits of Apprenticeship Development

For employers, the main benefit of endorsing an apprenticeship through a Skills Sector Body is the impact that it has on your organisation. There is assurance for management that new and sector-endorsed skills are being brought into the business, while your learners benefit from earning a fit-for-purpose qualification. Most importantly, your clients will know that your service meets nationally recognised standards.

Whether you’re a private training provider, a college or a university, the credibility earned by developing your training with Instructus Skills can be vital to your reputation. When it comes to business skills development, there is no better place to start.

Qualification Endorsement Provides

12-month approval for your organisation to deliver Instructus Skills endorsed programmes.
Instructus Skills branded certification to confirm endorsement.
Use of the ‘Endorsed by Instructus Skills’ statement and logo.

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Development Requirements

Your Programme

Is up-to-date, business-related and vocational in nature.
Corresponds with relevant National Occupational Standards.
Has an appropriate title that is reflective of the programme content.
Contains clear outcomes which develop appropriate knowledge and/or competences.
Has an appropriate structure, size and level of complexity in relation to the outcomes.
Is delivered in a method suitable for the programme content, type, and level of complexity.
Is intended to be delivered in English with appropriate English-language course materials.
Is assessed in an appropriate manner (i.e. competence assessments for competence outcomes).

Your Organisation

Employs at least one individual with the relevant qualifications and/or level of occupational competence to deliver and/or assess the training.
Has mechanisms in place to ensure the delivery and/or assessment of the programme.
Has systems to review the programme at least every three years.
Agrees and abides by our programme endorsement terms.

If a qualification does not meet our requirements it will not be endorsed. In this case, all applicable fees are still owed due to the cost of undertaking the programme review.

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Understanding Apprenticeships

With a range of UK apprenticeships to choose from how do you know where to start? Our Understanding Apprenticeships guide will give you the basics.