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Apprenticeship Reform Schedule

As part of ongoing apprenticeship reforms for England, the government has overseen the move from apprenticeship frameworks to standards. Existing frameworks have been split into batches and withdrawn over the course of an evolving schedule. Scottish Modern Apprenticeships and frameworks for Wales and Northern Ireland are not affected by these reforms.

Please note: if a framework is listed on the AFO and has not been scheduled for withdrawal, then it has not yet been withdrawn.

For further information please contact us by email at info@instructus.org or refer to the Government’s Removal of Apprenticeship Frameworks page.

Withdrawn SASE (English) Frameworks

Previously withdrawn pan-sector and business skills frameworks are listed in their respective batches below.

Batch 1

CodeFramework NameLevelsLast New Starts
559Building Products Industry Occupations201/06/2016

Batch 2

CodeFramework NameLevelsLast New Starts
581Business Innovation and Growth501/12/2016
619Contact Centre Operations Management401/12/2016
558Volunteer Management301/12/2016
572Public Relations401/04/2017

Batch 3

CodeFramework NameLevelsLast New Starts
574Human Resource Management530/09/2017
579Social Media and Digital Marketing3, 430/09/2017
406Court, Tribunal and Prosecution Operations2, 330/09/2017

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