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Apprenticeship Service Webinars Starting in August

The Apprenticeship Service is holding a series of webinars to help you better understand how the service works for you.

Starting August 11th, these webinars are aimed at employers, training providers, employers providers, intermediaries, and any other individual with an interest in how apprenticeships work. The Apprenticeship Service has a range of subject matter experts lined up to speak at each one.

The current webinar schedule is:

    • August 11th: Intermediaries: A new service that supports levy transfers
    • September 7th: Employers that pay the Apprenticeship Levy: A new service that supports Levy transfers
    • September 15th: Employers: A new service that supports Levy transfers
    • September 23rd: Employers: 2021/ 2022 Funding Rules
    • September 30th: Training Providers/Employer Providers: What’s involved in an assurance review (audit) and how can you be prepared
    • October 13th: Training Providers/Employer Providers: Understanding the individualised learner record (ILR) and data in the apprenticeship service

Click here to learn more and register for the Apprenticeship Service webinars.

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