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An apprentice can bring many benefits to your work place, from the perspective of a fresh pair of eyes to the skills learned in their formal training. As an employer the reasons for taking on an apprentice can be varied, but the process always starts here.

Use the links below to learn about Apprenticeship Frameworks and the various Standards & Qualifications that are available, before using the Training Provider Finder to locate a delivery partner near you.

Alternatively, if you have a specific need, find out more about Apprenticeship Development.

English apprenticeships are changing. Frameworks are being replaced by a new series of learning requirements called standards, which have been developed to ensure that apprenticeship qualifications are truly employer-led.

Instructus will not close any SASE frameworks unless there is significant employer demand to do so; however, some sector frameworks are being withdrawn unilaterally in England. Please refer to Removal of Apprenticeship Frameworks for further information.

If a framework is listed on Apprenticeship Frameworks Online and has not been scheduled for withdrawal, then it has not yet been withdrawn.

View the English Framework Withdrawal Schedule here ⇢


Understanding Apprenticeships

Frameworks are the base structure that underline most UK apprenticeship qualifications. Discover the pan-sector Frameworks you need with our introductory guide, broken down by nation and national guidance.

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Apprenticeships, Qualifications & NOS

With so many different qualifications and levels available to UK apprentices, how do you know where to start? Our guide to Standards and Qualifications sorts Standards from Frameworks and CQF from NVQs.

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English Framework Withdrawal Schedule

Keep up-to-date with the Government’s English apprenticeship framework withdrawal schedule and get to know the new replacement apprenticeship standards.

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Apprenticeship Development

Do you want to turn your training into a verified apprenticeship? We can develop, validate and maintain your course through our Qualification Development service.

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