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Free Webinar: Authentic Leadership Development

Introduce an Authentic Leadership Style to Your Business

Skilled, empathetic, authentic leadership is essential for propelling your organisation through challenging times. In fact, research shows that the behaviours characterised by authentic leadership are now more relevant than ever.

    • 81% of professionals expect some form of negative impact from the COVID-19 pandemic
    • 73% of UK professionals say their company’s leadership has struggled to adapt during the pandemic
    • Professionals cited that training in soft skills, such as empowering teams or empathy, could impact motivation and performance

To help you bridge the gap in your organisation, our sister companies Springboard Consultancy and CQM Training and Consultancy have teamed up to launch the new Authentic Leadership programme.

Authentic Leadership Theory in Practice

Drawing on three decades of professional development services, the Authentic Leader programme will train your future leaders on how to build trust, manage change, nurture relationships, and embrace the challenges of the modern working world.

Authentic Leader will help your leaders to better understand their personal and career aspirations and demonstrate how these can be combined to unlock peak performance.

They will also learn to understand what drives their behaviours, their preferred communication styles, and the professional impact that these factors can have. With Behavioural Preference Profiling C-Me, your management team can develop an understanding of their own unique leadership style.

The programme is based on three core modules. These can be topped up with additional bite-sized units.

👉 View the interactive course brochure to learn more.

Discover the Programme for Yourself

Authentic leadership benefits both new and experienced managers. This course is an enriching programme that will help your teams to work more openly and productively.

We would love to show you directly how it can work for you.

Join our free webinar on May 11th to learn more about the Authentic Leader programme. It’s your opportunity to meet the trainers, see the training in action, and find out exactly how the programme would work in your organisation.

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