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Hard Work Pays Off: Celebrating 100 End-Point Assessments

This October saw Instructus Skills celebrate another landmark as we completed our 100th end-point assessment as an EPAO.

Whilst this achievement tells you how far our service has come since we started delivering EPA in 2020, the assessment itself wasn’t about us. For Katie Green – the apprentice who took the end-point assessment – the process marked a significant milestone in her own life and career.

We caught up with Katie, a Sales and Lettings Advisor with KHP Country Homes, to learn more about her experience…

“I was relieved when I reached end-point assessment as I felt my hard work was starting to pay off”, Katie said.

“The assessment was a calm process from the beginning and throughout. It was a straightforward process to go through. Each stage was explained to me beforehand, which made it easier to understand what to expect and how long it would take. The assessor was good, he made sure I knew what I needed to do. He also made sure I was okay before the assessment began.”

“I felt at the time as though my assessment went very well.”

As a Business Administrator apprentice, Katie’s development was in safe hands with Ofsted Grade 1 training provider Davidson Training. As a training provider for a range of pan-sector standards, Davidson Training is a natural fit for our EPA services.

“I have been more than satisfied with Instructus Skills,” said Lorraine Bunyard, Managing Director of Davidson Training, “the conduct of all assessments has been impeccable.”

Apprenticeship Process | Instructus Skills

Nick Silvester, Associate Director of KHP, echoed Katie and Lorraine’s sentiments.

“We have several members of staff train and go through assessment. With Instructus Skills we found the process straightforward and well-structured, with seamless integration into our working patterns.”

“A lot of our day-to-day work is learned ‘on the job’, but the apprenticeship adds process and understanding as well as legalities and useful techniques. This all helps to make Katie a more rounded, competent, and valued member of the team.”

“I feel as though the apprenticeship has given me relevant knowledge and skills for my role”, Katie explains.

“An apprenticeship is more about learning on the job; however, learning certain criteria such as rules and regulations helped me to understand what is expected from me as an employee for KHP Country Homes.”

Ultimately, this is what an apprenticeship is about – providing learners with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours they need to complete their job to the highest standard.

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Thank you to Katie, Nick, and Lorraine for taking the time to speak to us about your end-point assessment experiences. Congratulations as well to Katie on passing the end-point assessment with a distinction – we hope it sets you up for the future you deserve.

EPA Support and Guidance | Instructus Skills

It’s vital to work with an EPAO that gives your learner the best chance of fulfilling their potential. High pass rates, reliable timescales, and responsive customer service all make EPA with Instructus Skills a great experience for your team.

“We started delivery of the new standards in 2017″, explains Lorraine.

“After the frustration of working with EPAOs who were clearly not organised, we eventually teamed up with Instructus Skills and if I am completely honest this has been seamless. Their support and guidance has been second to none, and they are always there when we need that support and guidance.”

“Once we started with Instructus Skills, EPA became a good experience.”

If your current end-point assessment process isn’t working then consider switching to us today. Learn more about end-point assessment with Instructus Skills.

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