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Committed to Making Apprenticeships Work

This week marks the 11th National Apprenticeship Week; something that you may already have noticed from the proliferation of #NAW2018 tags on social media today. During the week, apprentices and employers across the UK are celebrating the success of apprenticeships as a way of opening career pathways, developing skills and going further in life. It’s an ever-welcome reminder of vocational education’s ability to change lives.

Besides National Apprenticeship Week it sometimes seems that the only other constant of the skills landscape is change. As the demands of apprenticeship management evolve it’s important for us to adapt as well, and behind the scenes we’ve been restructuring to better prepare for the future.

You have known us before as Skills CFA but we are now Instructus, a charitable organisation dedicated to advancing education for the public benefit by promoting qualifications, training and skills. Yet for apprenticeships, qualifications and certification – all the services that came under Skills CFA – we now operate as Instructus Skills.

At Instructus Skills we continue to provide the same expert consultancy and support as before, yet the drive is there to improve our services as well. We have recently been granted End Point Assessment Organisation status for two standards, while our Certification team is growing from strength to strength. In the mid-term, we have several exciting products in development that aim to improve the apprenticeship experience. The transition to Instructus Skills may mark the end of the Skills CFA name, but it also signals the birth of a skills sector body that’s ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Apprenticeships work by making a difference – to employers, who can harness and develop the skills and behaviours they need, to training providers, who adapt based on the demands of the work, to (most importantly) the skills and prospects of the apprentices themselves.

By facilitating each of these groups we aim to make the vocational training experience worthwhile. Apprenticeships work – and we’re committed to ensuring it stays that way.

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