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COVID-19 Guidance

Ongoing Guidance for Employers & Training Providers

Last updated: 01/06/2020

Many of you have reached out to enquire how we will continue to certify and assess during this difficult period. For your convenience, we have summarised the information below.

We will update this page regularly with forthcoming information and an FAQ. Please add it to your bookmarks and be sure to check back frequently.

OFQUAL have released guidance on the use of calculated results for qualifications used to progress to further and higher education. We will await confirmation of the response to this guidance from our partner Awarding Bodies and update you accordingly.

Click here to read the OFQUAL statement.

Apprentice Registration & Certification

Our operations team are working remotely and continuing to register and certify apprentices across England, Scotland and Wales. We are confident that will continue to meet our Service Level Agreements across all nations and we have reduced our print and dispatch service to once a week to ensure we can keep our people safe during this period. If you need to change the delivery address for your certificates due to office closures, please contact us at

We understand that the administration of apprenticeships is difficult with most people working remotely and so we are able to accept electronic signatures/email confirmation in most circumstances where it is not possible to get a wet signature.

Currently, we must certify against the apprenticeship framework requirements so all numeracy and literacy requirements must be met along with any vocational qualifications. Where you are experiencing delays in receiving the required certificates to allow a claim to be made, we are able to accept validated completion reports from your Awarding Organisation via email.

If your apprentice is waiting to complete their numeracy or literacy qualification, please talk to your Awarding Organisation to check whether remote testing is an option.

Qualification Completion

We understand that the completion of qualification units at this time is challenging, and we are working with the regulators across the UK to understand what alternative assessment methods are acceptable. We expect clarification in the next few weeks from OFQUAL, SQA, and Qualification Wales.

It is our understanding that each Awarding Body will issue guidance for their qualifications which should clarify what options are available to you. If this leads to any changes in the way qualifications are awarded, we will ensure that we are able to certify apprenticeships against these changes.

SQA has updated its guidance on Scottish vocational qualifications. You can access the update “SQA Accreditation Advice on Accredited Qualifications” in full here.

End Point Assessment

We offer an end-to-end remote solution for the following standards:

We understand that finishing off certain activities ready for Gateway may be problematic so please contact us to discuss your specific challenges.

If you would like to discuss this, please email us at

We are discussing a remote option for the Observation assessment element of the Retailer (Level 2) standard with our EQAO and will update here as soon as possible.


My learner is coming close to Gateway. Do I need to wait until after lockdown to start End Point Assessment?

No. We can offer remote assessment, including remote invigilation of online testing. Once you have completed Gateway our team will talk you through how we are going to run remote assessment. We can offer this for all our Standards except Retailer Level 2, as we are waiting for guidance on how to conduct the observation.

My learner has finished their qualification but I don’t have the Functional Skills certificates to send across. How do I claim their apprenticeship framework certificate?

If you can obtain the completion report from your Awarding Organisation, we can accept that as confirmation. If your apprentice hasn’t yet sat their Functional Skills test, get in touch with the Awarding Body for guidance.

We are continuing to claim for learners’ certificates while we work from home. Is it possible to redirect our post to a personal address for a temporary period?

Yes, we can change the training provider’s address to an employee’s address for mailing certificates. However, this must be a temporary measure. We cannot send certificates specifically to the learners, nor can we send out placeholder PDF versions.

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