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Join the Employer Directory and Influence EPA

Do you want to influence the End Point Assessment process?

A new Employer Directory is now open and taking applications from professional and employer-led bodies to work on external quality assurance (EQA) for apprenticeship End Point Assessment.

By advising on EQA, employers can provide unparalleled insight into how End Point Assessment really works.

The Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education (The Institute) will manage the Employer Directory, including the applications and approvals process. Ofqual and the Office for Students will work directly with the Employee Directory to commission and carry out supporting activity.

The partnership aims to give employers full confidence in apprenticeship evaluation.

Employer Directory “A Fantastic Opportunity”

Nikki Christie, the Institute’s Deputy Director for Assessment and Quality Assurance, said: “I want to encourage as many professional and employer-led bodies as possible to apply to join the Employer Directory.”

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to support the future of your sector. The directory will be an important tool, allowing Ofqual and the Office for Students to reach out to industry experts with a wealth of knowledge of their respective sectors.”

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As an End Point Assessment Organisation, we endorse the Institute’s decision to open EQA to employer guidance. Our work consulting with employers on NOS and frameworks is key to ensuring that these qualifications remain fit for purpose.

It is our view that employers should hold End Point Assessment to the same high standards.

If you are in a position to join the Employer Directory and influence the development of End Point Assessment, click here to apply.

The first window for applications is open until 4th February. There will be further opportunities to register throughout 2021.

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