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Employers Needed for Government Case Studies

You may know us more for our role in apprenticeships, but as a skills sector body we recognise the need for employers to engage with vocational development at all levels.

T Levels, the vocational equivalent of A Levels, are one way in which the Government has aimed to decrease the skills gap and create more of the trained, experienced employees that businesses need. As part of a national programme to support high-quality industry placements for T-Levels, the Department for Education aims to produce 22 case studies, and to accomplish this they need your help.

These case studies will set out:

    • How industry placements benefit employers
    • What a high-quality industry placement looks like in practice
    • Practical advice on overcoming barriers

Which employers are needed?

As T Levels are still bedding in, the Department for Education is keen to speak to any employers that have either hired and trained apprentices, provided work experience opportunities or had any involvement with the T Level pilot scheme.

The employers most suitable for case studies should:

    • Have experience of delivering high-quality work-based training for young adults and intend to continue doing so in future
    • Have developed a good working relationship with learning providers to ensure a match between the needs of the business and the skills, knowledge and interests of the learners
    • Show good practice in supporting learners’ development in the workplace
    • Have a track record of supporting learners’ progression to further technical education or employment

The case studies, which present a fantastic PR opportunity for your business, will involve interviews with yourself and/or key people from your team. Following the interviews the programme team will produce your case study as either a video, a podcast or written content. This will then go live on the T Levels employer website starting in February 2020.

The Department for Education have confirmed that you will have the opportunity to review and approve your case study before it goes live.

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What is the aim of the case study?

The programme team are looking for stories that can show why employers wanted to get involved in vocational learning, the challenges they faced and the ways in which it has helped their business. They also want to paint a realistic picture of what vocational learning involves, from resource allocation and working with training providers through to hiring the right person and supporting them in their role.

The benefits of vocational training impact every single person in the process. By sharing your story you can help to promote T Levels and vocational learning as a whole, and in turn help to provide many more opportunities for young people across the country.

If you wish to get involved please contact Lucy March today: lucy.march@learningandwork.org.uk

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