Your One-Stop ERR Solution

Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) are a compulsory part of apprenticeship frameworks. It’s through ERR that apprentices can show the success of their inductions and an awareness of their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

The Instructus Skills E-Learn Portal helps you to manage your ERR responsibilities in one simple package.

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While ERR will be phased out in England over the coming years as frameworks change over to standards, it will continue to be a part of both Welsh and Scottish frameworks. More importantly, it may still factor in future English standards as a necessary additional component.

With many apprenticeships still on frameworks, ERR is still a major component of apprenticeship courses. As ERR represents an additional cost to providers and with the coming of the Apprenticeship Levy and change in funding bands, we offer a solution that allows you to maximise savings while offering the best service possible.

Instructus Skills offer an easy to use and cost-effective e-learning solution for ERR. Our E-Learn portal is an essential tool that gives both learners and employers the ERR guidance they need.

The E-Learn Portal includes:

  • Personal Learning & Thinking Skills (PLTS) mapping documents;
  • Answer Book to assist Training Providers and Assessors with model answers;
  • The latest standards and qualification breakdowns.


The Instructus Skills ERR solution costs just £5 per apprentice and £30 per answer book. This is more than 30% cheaper than other solutions in the market – and we offer both a ‘credit’ and ‘licencing’ system depending on your needs.

As competition for winning training becomes more competitive, ‘bolt on’, affordable components such as the ERR Portal will become a deciding factor for employers and apprentices.

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