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The End Point Assessment Process Explained

Whether your business is just starting out with apprenticeships or well experienced when it comes to vocational training, the End Point Assessment process is new for everyone.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide to everything that you need to know about the end of your learner’s apprenticeship. From triggering Gateway to receiving their certificate, you can find it all in here.

Key Terms:

    • End Point Assessment (EPA) refers to a series of assessments that a learner must take within the last three months of their training. These assessments cover different skill sets to give a complete view of the learner’s competency.
    • An End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) is an independent third-party that carries out your End Point Assessment. A training provider may recommend an EPAO, but the final choice belongs to the employer.
    • The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) is the Government agency dedicated to ensuring that skills training is above board and managed appropriately.

Keep in mind that, as per ESFA guidelines, you must have an EPAO in place at the beginning of the apprenticeship training. If you do not assign an EPAO you may lose the ability to run this apprenticeship.

Start at the End

Let’s take a quick look at the end-to-end process to get started.

EPA Process Guide | Instructus Skills

While these stages look simple there’s a lot of work that goes into each one, particularly stages 1 to 3. A good EPAO can support your training provision at every step of the way.

Your learner is at the end of their apprenticeship. What happens now?

When your learner has reached the end of their training, you, your learner and the training provider have to agree that the learner is ready for End Point Assessment. Once this is decided you need to contact your EPAO to discuss Gateway.

Gateway is not a process in itself; it is more akin to a checklist that ensures your learner has completed all of the required work over the course of their training. Your EPAO should liaise with you to make sure that your learner has submitted all of the right documentation.

This work should show how your learner has demonstrated the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by their apprenticeship throughout their learning. The evidence requirements will vary by apprenticeship Standard.

Can My Learner Retake Gateway?

As Gateway is a status check rather than a formal exam, it does not need to be “retaken”. Instead you can resubmit your learner’s work and evidence until your EPAO deems it suitable.

As your EPAO, Instructus Skills will provide you with a checklist and templates to guide your learner through the evidence submission process. Click here to find out more.

Into End Point Assessment

Once your learner has passed Gateway they then have three months to complete their End Point Assessment.

An End Point Assessment Professional Discussion | Instructus Skills

As stated above, the End Point Assessment process is a series of assessments that your EPAO will arrange. These assessments vary by Standard to ensure that your learner demonstrates the right skills for their own particular role. That said, selected assessment modules include:

    • Multiple-Choice Questions
    • Project Management & Related Presentation
    • Professional Discussion
    • Workplace Observation

Your EPAO will make your learner’s assessment criteria clear at the beginning of their training.

Should your learner fail End Point Assessment they can apply for a retake. This will mean re-starting their End Point Assessment process from the very beginning. If your learner has only failed a part of their End Point Assessment, they may be able to resit the module straight away. In either event, your assessor will discuss the options with you.

Making the Grade

When your learner has completed the End Point Assessment process your EPAO will grade their work. Following verification, they will communicate your learner’s final grade to you. You can appeal this grade if you wish. Your EPAO should publish guidance on how to do this.

Once you’ve accepted your learner’s grade, your EPAO will submit their details to the Education and Skills Funding Agency, who will then send a certificate of completion out to you.

This certificate marks the formal end of your learner’s apprenticeship. Your business will now see the benefit of a qualified, experienced and motivated employee.

Just starting the apprenticeship process? Find out more about our End Point Assessment services.


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