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EPA Explained

Apprenticeships in England are changing. Frameworks, the existing model of continuous assessment, are being phased out and replaced with a new delivery model, called Standards. End Point Assessment (EPA) is the assessment process that comes at the end of these new apprenticeships.

What are Standards and End Point Assessments?

  • Standards are apprenticeships designed by employer led groups (called ‘Trailblazers’) to provide the skills, behaviours and knowledge that employers need
  • EPA aims to determine if an apprentice is ‘occupationally competent’ by testing the skills, behaviours and knowledge that they have learned over the course of their training
  • EPA takes place in the last 2-3 months of the apprenticeship, pending the apprentice meeting their Gateway criteria
  • Gateway identifies the benchmarks and qualifications that the apprentice must achieve (from their training) before being able to take EPA
  • EPA’s single assessment grade combines multiple testing criteria to demonstrate the competency of an apprentice, emphasising the importance of the process of learning (as opposed to the outcome of learning)

EPA must be undertaken by an independent organisation to ensure that the apprentice’s grading is both fair and consistent. View the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations at the GOV.UK site or continue reading to find out how Instructus Skills can support you.

EPA with Instructus Skills

Instructus Skills is a registered End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) with approval to deliver the following standards:

Retail Team Leader (Level 3) ⇢
Retail Standard (Level 2) ⇢

Our EPA Solution

We provide two delivery models for EPA. The first is a traditional model, which includes on-site assessment, and the second is our innovative delivery model based on taking all assessment components online. This solution allows our assessors to cover all English regions, and ensures that the assessment process is reliable, valid and consistent.

Online EPA offers the following benefits:

  • Competitively priced End Point Assessment Service;
  • Provides consistent and reliable assessment within and between cohorts;
  • Greater flexibility in arranging assessment appointments;
  • No need to have the assessor visit your premises – so less disruption for your business;
  • No security issues of having additional people on your premises;
  • The only fully online assessment service.

We would be delighted to discuss your EPA requirements and find the right solution for your organisation. Please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated EPA manager Johan Thomsen for more information:

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