Framework Specification

Sector Profile

Digital marketing and the use of social and digital media is a key part of business marketing strategies and practice today. The growth of this industry sector has seen a number of jobs advertised for social media experts. A survey of over 500 companies carried out by eConsultancy/Experian in early 2012 found businesses were planning on expanding their digital marketing presence and subsequent departments but felt the shortage of skilled
workers in this area prevented them from fully harnessing digital media.

The Framework

Businesses are looking for more digital marketing capability and capacity which is increasing the demand for skilled people in this sector. This framework is created to equip learners with the ability to understand, utilise and develop the skills needed whilst working in social media and digital marketing for business purposes. It also builds in transferable skills such as communication, team working, interpersonal skills, and the ability to reflect on personal learning.

This apprenticeship will help to develop skills to allow apprentices to understand what social media and digital marketing are, how to utilise them in a business environment and incorporate it into their roles. Job roles may include Social Media Assistant, Social Media Consultant and Social Media Analyst with responsibilities such as managing and monitoring online communities, working with businesses to promote, utilise and increase presence through social media, copywriting and media placement, development of social media strategy and seeking out new and relevant content, formulating the content calendar and identify key bloggers and influencers. For a full list of specific roles and responsibilities please refer to the section on Job Roles.

Social media is still young and we are in the ‘early adopter’ phase for companies. There are over 500 million active users on Facebook, 105 million registered uses on Twitter, and 75 million professionals on LinkedIn.

Businesses need the support of a skilled workforce to enable them to make the best use of digital marketing tools and concepts.

The framework will contribute to meeting the skills priorities for Digital Britain.

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