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EPA Flexibilities Survey is Now Live

The Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education (The Institute) has launched a new survey on End Point Assessment (EPA) flexibilities.

This survey is aimed at giving a voice to everyone involved in the apprenticeship sector. This means if you’re a training provider, an employer, an apprentice, or an interested party, this survey is for you.

Tell the Institute how well these flexibilities have worked, and what they can learn for the future.


It should take 5-10 minutes to complete. The closing date is Friday 23rd April.

A spokesperson for the Institute said: “We really want to hear from as many people as possible on what can be learnt from the apprenticeship flexibilities.

“We will listen carefully to every viewpoint and consider how we can help the apprenticeship sector to emerge from the ongoing challenge we all face in a positive way.

“We appreciate this remains a very busy and difficult time, but we hope that people can find 10 minutes to help us better understand how the flexibilities have worked in practice.”

The current flexibilities – which you can read more about here – are in place until at least the end of August.

What are EPA Flexibilities?

EPA flexibilities are a relaxation of the criteria under which apprenticeships are managed. These flexibilities ensure learners can complete their studies, even with current work and travel restrictions.

In most cases, the flexibilities pertain to End Point Assessment, and the admission of high-quality remote assessment for a wider range of standards. As an early adopter of Remote Assessment, it’s a core part of our EPA delivery.

It’s our belief that the learner’s experience is key to EPA, and so it’s central to our responsive, customer-focused service. Take a look at our standards, learn more about our approach and find out how we can make your End Point Assessment easy.

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