End Point Assessment on Your Timetable

When it comes to End Point Assessment (EPA) you want to be sure that the service you need is the service you get – and that means getting an assessment process that puts your learner’s experience first.

As an independent EPAO focused on a core set of standards we’ve listened to our partners and created a model that accounts for the reality of EPA. From the start of the journey we lay out a road map and identify the factors that impact delivery, all to ensure that your learner is assessed on a schedule that works for you.

And that’s not all. As your EPAO we provide:

✓ A dedicated point of contact throughout your learner’s journey
✓ A range of guidance and support documents for you and your learner
✓ A choice of in-house or flexible Remote Assessment solutions

It’s End Point Assessment support from the first day to Gateway.

Learning Support from Start to Finish

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Instructus Skills are the only EPAO to offer Assessment Edge, a Standards-based performance improvement solution.

Developed with Silent Edge™ technology, Assessment Edge tracks your learner’s development in real time and sets unique performance related goals. It’s a “first-day to Gateway” guide that gives you total visibility of your learner’s development.

That’s not all. We partner Assessment Edge with Apprentice LMS, an online portal that helps your learner to manage their training. Providing access to Standard-based mock tests, project planners, an e-portfolio and more, Apprentice LMS gives your learners the tools they need to succeed.

It’s a product suite that gives you total confidence in your learner’s knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Our Standards

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Prices start from just £550 per learner for Remote Assessment and £625 per learner for in-house assessment – with potential discounts based on your cohort size and location.

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