EPA doesn’t need to be complicated.

You want to make sure that your apprenticeship training is focused, efficient, and a good experience for your team. We understand. This is why we’ve developed an End Point Assessment service that removes the uncertainty from your training and guides you all the way to apprenticeship success.

Advantages of EPA with Instructus Skills

• Real-time reporting and unlimited role-based assessments
• Performance-led development goals
• Easy access to guidance documents and resources
• Accurate assessment in any environment

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“A very professional service”

As the UK’s largest certification authority we’ve helped businesses to run apprenticeships since 1996. We know how difficult it can be to run a business and training at the same time. We also know there’s nothing worse than letting your employee down by not giving them the best opportunity to complete their training. It’s a waste of your time, money, talent – and a risk to your reputation.

Yet we believe that apprenticeships should be straightforward. Our EPA service fits seamlessly into your business and gives you the tools to manage your apprentice’s development. With role-based benchmarks and real-time reporting, we provide the data you need to ensure your apprentice stays on track.

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We are proud to work with

Instructus Skills is a pan-sector body that represents the training needs of over 11 million employees across the UK. From development to certification, we ensure that apprenticeships deliver the skills employers need.

In other words, we make apprenticeships work.