“Instructus Skills made End Point Assessment painless”

We know how important your apprenticeship training is. With demand for EPA outstripping supply, it’s vital to know that your End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) is ready to deliver at a schedule that suits you. This is why we’ve developed a service that removes the uncertainty and guides you at every step of the way.

Benefits of EPA with Instructus Skills

• Choice of in-house or ESFA-approved Remote Assessment
• Apprentice Learner Management System (LMS) portal software
• Exclusive Assessment Edge performance improvement software
• Dedicated account manager

Best of all there’s no up-front registration fee – you only pay when your learner is at Gateway.

“Every part of the service stands out to me”

The sooner you start your EPA process with Instructus Skills, the greater the value – and not just to remain ESFA compliant. Engaging your EPAO early ensures that your learners are registered and ready to go from the moment they pass Gateway.



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Instructus Skills is a pan-sector body that represents the training needs of over 11 million employees across the UK. From consultations to certification, we ensure that apprenticeships deliver the skilled workers that employers need.

In other words, we make apprenticeships work.