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End Point Assessment for Business Administrators

The ESFA have approved Instructus Skills on the Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations (RoAAO) for the delivery of the Business Administrator EPA at Level 3.

End Point Assessment for Business Administrator (Level 3) covers the behaviours, skills and knowledge an apprentice needs to successfully contribute to the administrative function of the modern workplace. This apprenticeship provides a stepping stone for future career progression.

As the Skills Body for the Pan Sector we have been developing, reviewing and certificating Business Administration apprenticeships for over 20 years. We have taken our expertise and experience to develop an EPA for Business Administrator (Level 3) that fairly, consistently and rigorously assesses your apprentices.


Gateway is a series of benchmarks and qualifications that an apprentice must achieve before being able to take EPA.

We provide a Gateway assessment tool with our EPA that allows you to monitor your apprentice’s progress against the standard throughout their training, giving you a clear indication of when they will be ready for Gateway.

The criteria for Business Administrator EPA Gateway includes:

  • Level 2 literacy and numeracy;
  • Completion of training and assessment;
  • Completed synopsis for Business Project (to be agreed with the assessor);
  • Gateway submission agreed by the apprentice, employer and Instructus Skills.

When an apprentice reaches Gateway we provide them with an online learner account. This allows access to EPA guidance documents, knowledge tests, an e-portfolio, email and assessment planners.

Delivery Model

There are three assessment components to the Business Administrator EPA:

Knowledge Test

The knowledge test can be taken either online or on hard copy, in any suitable location at any suitable time. The test counts for 20% of the End Point Assessment. The test will be scheduled between the employer, the apprentice and our assessor.

  • 1 hour knowledge test
  • 50 scenario-based questions
  • Digital exam marked automatically upon completion (if taken online)

Our online learner accounts give apprentices access to guidance documents and mock multiple-choice exams to help them revise and prepare.

Portfolio Based Interview

The Apprentice will put together a portfolio with at least one piece of evidence for each of the relevant areas outlined in the standard. The evidence will have been gathered over the course of the apprenticeship (on programme) and supported by the employer with regard to relevant tasks and support. The portfolio provides the structure for the interview, but is not directly assessed itself.

The interview assesses:

  • Understanding of the portfolio to validate competence shown
  • Self-reflection of performance, demonstrating knowledge and how appropriate skills and behaviours have been applied
  • Judgement and understanding to explain appropriate examples

Project Presentation

The presentation subject is a project that the apprentice has completed (or a process they have improved) within the business. The project begins in month 9 of the apprenticeship and should be completed before Gateway.

The presentation should be 10-15 minutes long, with a further 10-15 minutes for questions. We will grade the project out of a maximum score of 100.

Examples of the type of questions are:

  • How have you improved a process or operating practice?
  • What were the steps you took to implement the project?
  • What worked well and how would you improve the results in the future?

The presentation should summarise the aim, outcome and responsibilities shown in the project. It should demonstrate how the apprentice has approached a task and the skills shown in doing so, with a focus on how they would improve the results going forward.

Tools for producing the presentation include Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Prezi. The apprentice should use this exercise to demonstrate a minimum level of IT skills.

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