End Point Assessment doesn’t need to be complicated.

End Point Assessment will soon be the default assessment process for apprentices in all sectors across England. To help you get to grips with the process and requirements of the new system, we’ve put together this EPA FAQ to answer the questions that you’ve been asking.

If you would like more detail about anything mentioned here or have a question that isn’t answered below, we’re happy to help. Email epa@instructus.org or give us a call on 01536 738 631 today.

What is End Point Assessment?

End Point Assessment is a series of assessments that a learner must take within the last three months of their training. These assessments cover different skill sets to provide a complete view of the learner’s competency.

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Who conducts End Point Assessment?

For End Point Assessment you need an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). This is an independent third-party organisation that has Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) approval to assess learners at the end of their apprenticeship.

Instructus Skills are ESFA-approved to deliver assessments for:

What does End Point Assessment involve?

At End Point Assessment your learner will take a series of tests across a range of disciplines. These tests, conducted by a nominated assessor, vary by apprenticeship and can include:

    • Multiple-choice test
    • Portfolio interview
    • Professional discussion
    • Project presentation
    • Environmental observation

How long does End Point Assessment take?

End Point Assessment must be complete within three months of the learner passing Gateway. The length of each assessment period depends on both scheduling and on the apprenticeship itself.

What does End Point Assessment cost?

Costs for End Point Assessment vary by apprenticeship standard. This will normally not exceed 20% of the upper limit of the funding band for that standard. We also offer deals based on your cohort size and requirements. Contact us today to tell us what you need and find out how we can help.

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How is End Point Assessment paid?

If you pay the Apprenticeship Levy the Government will make the funds available to you. At present the training provider manages EPAO payment, but in future the ESFA will handle these payments directly.

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When should I book an EPAO?

You must have your EPAO in place by the beginning of the apprenticeship training, as per ESFA guidelines. If you have not assigned an EPAO then you may lose the ability to train learners in this apprenticeship.

If you are acting on behalf of a public sector organisation, you can apply for our EPA service through the YPO.

What qualifies Instructus Skills to be an EPAO?

Like any other EPAO, Instructus Skills are ESFA-approved for the assessment of apprenticeships. Unlike other EPAOs we are also the UK’s largest pan-sector apprenticeship certification authority.

For over two decades we developed many of the frameworks that underpin modern apprenticeship Standards, giving us unparalleled experience and insight when it comes to learner development and assessment.

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How do you prepare apprentices for End Point Assessment?

We guarantee your learners the resources they need to prepare for End Point Assessment, from guidance documents to mock tests. Assessment Edge provides dynamic guidance through the apprenticeship itself, giving you an evolving view of your learner’s knowledge, skills and behaviours in the context of their role.

When do EPAO assessors get involved?

When your learner has reached the end of their training, you, your learner and the training provider will agree that the learner is ready for End Point Assessment. At this point the EPAO will be in contact to discuss Gateway.

Your EPAO assessor can be on-hand to support you throughout the apprenticeship. This is separate to an on-programme assessor, which your training provider may supply to support your learner during their training.

How is the assessor qualified for their role?

Our assessors have years of relevant work experience in roles related to the apprenticeships that they assess. This underpins their knowledge of the Standard and ensures they can deliver accurate assessments.

What is Gateway?

You, the training provider and your learner will agree that your learner is ready to take End Point Assessment. At this point the training provider will put them forward for Gateway.

At Gateway the EPAO will examine the evidence of the learner’s development over the course of the apprenticeship and ensure that their work is complete. This is when the assessor decides whether the learner is ready to take End Point Assessment.

How is on-site End Point Assessment delivered?

The assessor must have access to the learner’s place of work. When on-site the assessor will need a secure room to serve as an assessment environment. Your learner may need presentation equipment for their assessment (e.g. an overhead projector), which they can arrange ahead of time.

What is Remote Assessment?

Remote Assessment provides a flexible way to manage your learner’s End Point Assessment. The online learner portal (provided as part of our service) gives us a clear view of your learner’s ability while minimising disruption to your business. Your learner will need a secure room in which they can take their assessment, along with a computer and an internet connection.

How do you ensure diversity and equality?

If your learner has a disability or impairment, as identified by the Equality Act, we work with you to identify any special considerations or reasonable adjustments we can make for their assessment. We can also make suitable adjustments to accommodate any unexpected situations that may arise (e.g. illness or bereavement). These adjustments must be fair and not give the learner an unreasonable advantage.

Full details are available in our Special Considerations and Adjustments Policy.

How are learners graded?

Once End Point Assessment is complete, we combine the learner’s grades for each assessment to form a final grade. This is either a Fail, a Pass/Distinction or a Pass/Merit/Distinction (depending on the apprenticeship). You can find grading and weighting criteria in our assessment documentation.

Are retakes permitted?

In the event your learner fails End Point Assessment they can apply for a retake. This will mean re-starting their End Point Assessment process from the very beginning. If your learner has only failed a part of their End Point Assessment, they may be able to resit the module straight away. In either event your assessor will discuss the options with you.

If the total cost of either a retake or a resit is not covered by available funding, you will be liable for the remainder. This will be subject to VAT.

Can I appeal an End Point Assessment grade?

You, your learner or the training provider can appeal the result of the End Point Assessment. We will publish our appeals policy in full before starting End Point Assessment.

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