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End Point Assessment for Retail Team Leaders

End Point Assessment for the Retail Team Leader (Level 3) standard covers the behaviours, habits and nuances of successful team management in a retail environment. EPA with Instructus Skills incorporates managed learning, continuous feedback and benchmarked assessments to ensure that your employees have the skills to progress in your business.

Instructus Skills have been formally awarded a place on the ESFA Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations (RoAAO) for the delivery of the Retail Team Leader (Level 3) Standard.


Gateway is a series of benchmarks and qualifications that an apprentice must achieve before being able to take EPA.

We provide a Gateway assessment tool with our EPA that allows you to monitor your apprentice’s progress against the standard throughout their training, giving you a clear indication of when they will be ready for Gateway.

The criteria an apprentice must meet for the Retail Team Leader Gateway include:

  • Level 2 literacy and numeracy;
  • Completion of training and assessment;
  • Completed synopsis for Retail Business Project (to be agreed with the assessor);
  • Gateway submission agreed by the apprentice, employer and Instructus Skills.

When an apprentice reaches Gateway we provide them with an online learner account. This allows access to EPA guidance documents, mock multiple-choice tests, email and more.

Delivery Model

There are three assessment components to the Retail Team Leader EPA:

Multiple-Choice Exam

A multiple-choice test that can be taken either online or by paper. This grade does not count towards the final assessment grade, but the exam must be passed for the apprentice to continue with EPA. The test will be scheduled between the employer, the apprentice and our assessor.

  • 1 hour on-demand multiple choice test
  • A range of scenario-based questions
  • Digital exam marked automatically upon completion
  • Can be taken in any suitable location at any suitable time

Our online learner accounts give apprentices access to guidance documents and mock multiple-choice exams to help them revise and prepare.

Retail Business Project

A project requiring the apprentice to study and resolve an immediate opportunity, problem or challenge within their retail environment; e.g. cost saving or efficiency measures. The apprentice must create a research proposal, outline the improvements they propose and demonstrate how they would implement the improvements.

Apprentices will have access to guidance documents for creating an e-portfolio via their online learner account. The presentation can be made either in-person or via two-way video discussion between the apprentice and the assessor, giving you extra flexibility with the arrangements.

Professional Discussion

The Professional Discussion is a formal conversation between the apprentice and the assessor where the apprentice must be able to discuss their competence using examples from their work life. The questions and areas discussed will be related to the Standard.

As with the Retail Business Project, the Professional Discussion can take place either in-person or via two-way video. The Professional Discussion can happen only after the presentation of the Retail Business Project. Guidance documents are available to apprentices via their online learner account.

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