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End Point Assessment for Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3

The ESFA have approved Instructus Skills on the Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations (RoAAO) for the delivery of EPA for the Team Leader/Supervisor Standard Level 3.

End Point Assessment for Team Leader/Supervisor (Level 3) covers the behaviours, skills and knowledge an apprentice needs to successfully take responsibility for managing teams and projects. Occupational competency includes the ability to manage, support and develop team members and take responsibility for solving problems, building relationships and delivering operational plans.

Occupations may include Supervisor, Team Leader, Project Officer, Shift Supervisor, Foreperson, and Shift Manager.

As the skills body for the pan sector we have been developing, reviewing and certificating apprenticeships for over 20 years. We have taken our expertise and experience to develop an EPA for Team Leader/Supervisor (Level 3) that fairly, consistently and rigorously assesses your apprentices.


Gateway is a series of benchmarks and qualifications that an apprentice must achieve before being able to take EPA.

The criteria for Team Leader/Supervisor EPA Gateway includes:

  • Level 2 literacy and numeracy;
  • Completion of training and assessment;
  • Completed Portfolio of Evidence;
  • Records of Professional Discussions;
  • Gateway submission agreed by the apprentice, employer and Instructus Skills.

It is also recommended that the apprentice is supported to become digitally literate where this is important to their role. We have guidance for all EPA components (including assessment planning documents for apprentices and training providers) and are delighted to discuss the above in more depth.

We can also provide a Gateway assessment readiness tool with our EPA that allows you to monitor your apprentice’s progress against the standard throughout their training, giving you a clear indication of when they will be ready for Gateway.

When an apprentice reaches Gateway we provide them with an online learner account. This allows access to EPA guidance documents, knowledge tests, an e-portfolio (to upload their portfolio and project), email and assessment planners.

Delivery Model Overview

There are four assessment components to the Team Leader/Supervisor EPA:

  • Knowledge Test
  • Competency Based Interview
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Professional Discussion (CPD)

Knowledge Test

The knowledge test can be taken either online or on hard copy, in any suitable location at any suitable time (subject to our procedures and in keeping with the Standard). The test counts for 30% of the End Point Assessment. The test will be scheduled between the employer, the apprentice and our assessor.

  • One hour knowledge test
  • 50 scenario-based questions
  • Digital exam marked automatically upon completion (if taken online)

Our online learner accounts give apprentices access to guidance documents and mock multiple-choice exams to help them revise and prepare.

Competency Based Interview

This is an interview between our assessor and the apprentice. It can be conducted face to face, online, by telephone or by writing.

The point of the interview is to test the apprentice’s knowledge and application of the seven knowledge areas of the standard using a structured series of questions, and to investigate the apprentice’s role within their organisation.

The interview is expected to last between 1 and 1.5 hours (maximum) to ensure full coverage of the Standard. Instructus Skills provides guidance for apprentices on how to prepare for a structured interview.

Portfolio of Evidence

The evidence contained in the portfolio will comprise of work that covers the totality of the Team Leader/Supervisor Standard. This will be a range of materials and documents generated over the period of the apprenticeship and which provide evidence of the apprentices’ ability to apply and demonstrate team leading and management concepts.

The apprentice will also provide written reflections and explanatory information on the nature of the evidence that has been produced and included in the portfolio.

Instructus Skills can provide a portfolio planner and guidance on completing a portfolio to help both the training provider and apprentice. This also provides a consistent basis for assessment between apprentices.

The portfolio is assessed without the apprentice present.

Professional Discussion (CPD)

The Professional Discussion is a semi-structured discussion between the apprentice and our assessor. This discussion can take place across a range of mediums, e.g. face to face, video or telephone.

The point of the discussion is for the apprentice to show:

  • Any assignments or projects;
  • Details of any formal or informal learning undertaken;
  • Details of any professional discussions undertaken, or support provided through professional bodies.

The purpose is to assess how the apprentice’s training and continued professional development has helped and impacted on their workplace performance.

Grading Overview

The grading for the whole assessment is out of 100. Apprentices will need to achieve at least 50 per cent within each component of the end-point assessment for a pass grade. An overall grade of of 60+ will gain a Merit, and an overall grade of 70+ will gain a Distinction Grade.

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