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ESFA Publishes Apprenticeship Training Guides

Article updated 27/05/2021 to include “The Road to a Quality Apprenticeship Guidance”

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has published a series of how-to guides for training providers and employers on delivering high-quality apprenticeships.

Training Provider Guide

The first guide, which is titled “Provider Guide to Delivering High-Quality Apprenticeships”, is intended for both new and experienced training providers.

    • For new providers, the guide outlines all the minimum requirements and building blocks you need to deliver high-quality apprenticeships.
    • For experienced providers, it is a reminder of good practice and available support.

With information and insight provided by working training providers, apprentices, and relevant quality bodies, this guide covers the steps you should take both before and during apprenticeship training.

You will also find the latest continuous improvement requirements.

view the training provider guide here →

If you have used the guide already, the ESFA is seeking feedback on your experience. If you would like to share your thoughts, please email

Employer Guide

The second guide, titled “The Road to a Quality Apprenticeship”, helps employers to identify the steps they should take before, during, and after they recruit an apprentice.

The Road to A Quality Apprenticeship | Instructus Skills

Designed for employers of any size, this practical guide provides a step-by-step process overview and links to additional information. It’s aimed at helping employers to provide a quality experience for their apprentices whilst also maximising the benefits for their business.


The ESFA has designed these guides both for practical use, and also to highlight the collaborative nature of apprenticeship training.

Your Guide to End-Point Assessment

Whether you’re a training provider or an employer, you will (more than likely) have encountered End-Point Assessment by now.

As an active EPAO, we pride our service on the delivery of high-quality remote assessment. It’s an ESFA-approved assessment method that makes the process easier for you, your apprentices, and your bottom line.

If you run apprenticeship training for any of the below standards, talk to us about your End-Point Assessment today.

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