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ESFA Publishes New Employer & Apprentice Initial Assessment Guides

The ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) has published two new guides for employers and apprentices on initial assessment and how to recognise prior learning.

The agency has published the guides in response to sector feedback.

What is an initial assessment?

Before an apprenticeship begins, the training provider must conduct an initial assessment of the apprentice. This assesses the apprentice’s existing knowledge, skills, and behaviours, which in turn informs how much of the apprenticeship training they require. This process helps to ensure that the apprenticeship is an appropriate training programme for the apprentice.

A robust initial assessment performed by the main training provider can give the apprentice the most focused and highest quality apprenticeship experience.

The new guides will:

    • Support employers and apprentices to understand their role in the initial assessment process
    • Outline the benefits of correctly recognising prior learning
    • Outline how apprentices can work with their training provider through the initial assessment process

Click here to view the new initial assessment guides.

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