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Flexible Apprenticeships Consultation Launched

The Government has launched a new consultation on flexible apprenticeships in sectors including agriculture, construction, and the creative industries.

The consultation is seeking views from employers on how the proposed new “flexi-job” apprenticeship schemes could work. It launched on the 20th of April.

Originally announced by chancellor Rishi Sunak during the Spring Budget, these new flexible apprenticeships will enable an apprentice to work on a range of projects with different employers whilst still completing the same programme. This flexible approach is aimed at increasing apprenticeship opportunities in sectors where flexible employment patterns and short-term roles are common.

For example, an apprentice working in TV production could work for different organisations over an 18 month period. Under the proposals, they would be able to complete a single apprenticeship during this time.

This consultation will build on the reforms set out in the Skills for Jobs White Paper. It aims to put employers’ needs first and ensure people have the skills to get the jobs they want.

Boosting Opportunities

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“No matter where in the country you are from, we want everyone to be able to get the experience and knowledge they need to get the job they want, while making sure employers have the talented workforce they need.”

“Our flexi-job apprenticeships will boost opportunities in sectors like the creative industries where employment is often flexible or short term – creating even more chances for people to experience the life changing opportunity an apprenticeship can bring as we build back better from the pandemic.”

Under the proposal, all 111 existing apprenticeship training agencies (ATAs) would need to apply to the new register if they wanted to become a recognised flexible apprenticeship scheme.

Only successful applicants to the register will be eligible to bid for a share of a new £7 million fund. This will be for the creation and testing of new flexible apprenticeships schemes.

The Government expects the first approved flexible apprenticeships to start in January 2022.

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