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Free Event: Authentic Leader Programme

Having strong leaders who can propel your organisation and teams through challenging times, whilst demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity, is perhaps more relevant now than ever.

    • 81% of professionals expect to be negatively impacted by Covid-19 in some way*.
    • 73% of professionals from across the UK say their company’s leadership has struggled to adapt during the pandemic.
    • A lack of softer skills, with examples including empowering teams (36%) and empathy (31%) could impact workforce motivation and performance.

Our sister companies CQM Training & Consultancy and Springboard Consultancy are hosting a free event to provide you with an overview of Authentic Leadership and why this approach differs from more traditional methodologies and theories.


Introducing Authentic Leadership

Drawing on three decades of professional development, Springboard Consultancy, in partnership with CQM Training & Consultancy, is training leaders how to build trust, manage change, nurture relationships, and embrace the challenges of the modern working world.

You will also learn how the Authentic Leader programme responds to the specific needs of your current and future leaders. Using Behavioural Preference Profiling C-Me, leaders can develop an understanding of their own unique leadership style.

Based on three core modules (which can be topped up with additional bite-sized units) and featuring prominent guest speakers, the Authentic Leader programme will enable your leaders to understand what is most important in the context of their personal and career aspirations. They will also learn to assess what drives behaviour, preferred communication styles and the impact this has.

During this free event we will share how, when and where the programme can be delivered. You will also be able to see how we can tailor it to your organisation.

For more information please call:

    • The Springboard Consultancy on 020 3794 6730
    • CQM Training & Consultancy on 0114 281 3747

Or simply click here to register.

The Authentic Leader event will be hosted via Microsoft Teams. Upon registration, you will receive a calendar invite for the specified date and time containing the Teams link.

*Statistics published by ILM Dec 2020 following a survey of 3,500 UK professionals.

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