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Final Funding Claim Period for 2020-2021 Approaching

The final funding claim period for 2020 to 2021 is fast approaching.

The window for making a claim will open at 9am on Monday 25th October, with a deadline of 5pm on Tuesday 2nd November.

You will need to submit a claim if you receive funds via any of the following:

    • Grant Funded: ESFA Adult Education Budget (AEB) (adult skills, community learning, 19 to 24 traineeships and COVID-19 skills offer)
    • Learner support for ESFA AEB procured (adult skills and 19 to 24 traineeships): Paid-on-profile
    • 19 to 24 traineeships 2020 procurement: Learner support; paid-on-profile
    • Grant Funded: Advanced Learner Loans Bursary (ALLB)
    • 16 to 19 education

To make your funding claim, use the form available on Submit Learner Data. Your principal (or a delegated authority) must sign your claim digitally by 5pm on Wednesday 3rd November.

Once you have submitted your claim you will be able to view it on your skills funding account.

If you currently have learners in training, now is the time to think about their End-Point Assessment. Instructus Skills are an ESFA-approved End-Point Assessment Organisation with a flexible, apprentice-centered approach. See our range of standards here.

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