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Welsh Government Becomes Issuing Authority for Wales

On the 1st of May 2020, the apprenticeship framework issuing authority role formally transferred to the Welsh Government. This now means that Welsh Ministers can act as an issuing authority for the apprenticeships sector in Wales.

The Deregulation Act 2015 gave the Welsh Government the option to issue apprenticeship frameworks. This is in addition to the government’s existing ability to delegate this role to other organisations.

A new framework development process is to follow. This will include stakeholder engagement, consultation with expert panels and endorsements by WAAB. Additionally, there will be a final quality assurance test that ensures compliance with the Specification of Apprenticeship Standards in Wales (SASW).

These robust procedures aim to develop quality frameworks that benefit the Welsh economy.

Requesting Changes to SASW Frameworks

You will need to send requests for framework changes to DfES-ApprenticeshipUnit@gov.wales. You should also send a copy of this request to the FISSS ACW helpdesk at acw@fisss.org. Please include “Issuing Authority” in the subject line.

Your request will then pass through the following steps:

    1. The Welsh Government will assess the request and decide whether it is minor or major, and also assess its urgency.
    2. The Welsh Government will respond to the SSC/SSB making the request and notify them, and the Federation, of their decision and what action the SSC/SSB needs to take.
    3. If it is minor then the SSC/SSB will be given authority to make the required change, and the updated framework will be amended on the ACW Framework Library (i.e. no update to the FR number, version number or previous issue date).
    4. If the change is major, then the Welsh Government will issue guidance on the next steps.

How is Certification Affected?

Sector Bodies will continue to certificate apprenticeships in Wales. This includes both frameworks currently hosted on the ACW Framework Library and those that have been reviewed and published on the Business Wales website.

If you have any queries or observations about the government’s role as issuing authority for Wales, we would be happy to discuss it with you. Email skills@instructus.org and we will help however we can.

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