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Housing Practice Apprenticeship Framework Under Review

We are working with Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care Sectoral Partnership to review and update the Level 3 Housing Practice apprenticeship framework.

If you work in the Housing industry, we would appreciate any insight you can give into how this apprenticeship works.

This review aims to identify how the Housing industry can make the best use of this framework. We want to hear from you how this apprenticeship could be a better fit for your purpose.

To take part, please complete our short survey here: https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/qfCC8k

The deadline is midnight January 14th, 2022.

If you have any questions about this review, please contact the Health and Social Care Sectoral Partnership Secretariat Caroline McKeever at caroline.mckeever@nwrc.ac.uk.

Thank you in advance for your time. Your views and expertise are crucial to the development of this and all apprenticeship frameworks.

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