We are continuing to certify Frameworks in the sectors that we are responsible for. At present, we are not aware of any plans to change the final date of Framework withdrawal, which is due on the 31st July 2020.

  • There are cases where we require written and signed evidence to support claims, such as proof of qualification attainment. In these cases, we will support the provision of emailed documentation as far as possible.
  • Functional Skills, or exemptions, are still required as per the Framework requirements. Some Awarding Bodies are using remote invigilation to allow learners to complete their Functional Skills; please discuss this with your own Awarding Organisation. Where there is a delay in the production of a certificate, we can accept a grade report from the Awarding Organisation.
  • We are still awaiting updated guidance from OFQUAL on assessment methods or criteria. We expect that Awarding Organisations will interpret this guidance and apply that interpretation to the qualifications they award. They will then issue guidance to their centres.
  • As we are not updating any SASE Frameworks, your certificate claims are still required to follow the existing Framework. If there are changes to qualifications within Frameworks, we will adjust our process to recognise this.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any advice on how to complete a qualification. In this instance, we ask that providers speak to their Awarding Organisation.

We are happy to discuss any queries about certification claims you may have. Please contact us at info@instructus.org.

End Point Assessment

We offer an end-to-end remote solution for the following standards:

    • Business Administrator (Level 3)
    • Team Leader (Level 3)
    • Retail Team Leader (Level 3)

If you would like to discuss this, please email us at epa@instructus.org.

As per recent guidance, learners on Furlough leave are still permitted to continue with their apprenticeship training. We welcome this but also understand that it may present a challenge to the completion of projects or portfolios. As such, we are happy to discuss solutions and make judgements on what would be acceptable. Please note that we are unable to discuss specific evidence that would be subject to assessment or grading.

At present we are discussing remote observation methods with our EQAO for Retailer (Level 2). We will provide an update on this as soon as possible.

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