We are continuing to register and certify Modern Apprenticeships. At present, we are working to our Service Level Agreements. Despite this, we are aware that some certificates are taking longer than usual to arrive. If you wish to make alternative delivery arrangements, please contact us at

The completion of qualifications that form Modern Apprenticeships is a priority. We are currently in discussions with SQA and other Awarding Organisations and expect to issue a high-level statement shortly. We will share communications on assessments relating to specific qualifications in due course.

As the Sector Skills Body, our stance is to work with all concerned to ensure that competence and quality are not undermined during this period. We will also work to ensure that assessment methods are appropriately flexible. When the next course of action is agreed, we will amend the assessment strategy for all our Modern Apprenticeships. We will then ensure we can process certification claims on time.

For training providers, we would ask that you consider what factors may prevent the usual assessment from taking place. In some cases, observations may still be possible using video conferencing or other tools.

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