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IFA Announces New Review into Funding Bands

The Institute for Apprenticeships (IFA) has announced a review into apprenticeship funding bands with the aim of ensuring that funding is consistent across different standards.

The review follows the introduction earlier this year of a new process for determining funding bands. This new process doubled the funding bands available to employers from 15 to 30, leading to difficulties in reconciliation between standards.

The intended outcome of the review is to allow as many employers as possible to access funding for their apprenticeships.

The announcement comes just one day after education watchdog Ofsted raised concerns about apprenticeship levy spending. Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman warned that too much funding is being used on higher level apprenticeships, leaving less available for people on lower level programmes.

The IFA expects the review to be complete by Summer 2019.

In a statement the IFA said: “We began in May 2018 by reviewing the funding bands for 31 existing apprenticeship standards and in December 2018 announced a further 30 standards that will be reviewed at the request of the Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills.

This follows the introduction earlier this year of a new process for determining funding bands, and an increase in the number of funding bands from 15 to 30.

These changes resulted in a difference between how older and newer standards were allocated funding bands, which is why the review was needed.

The review aims to identify the most appropriate funding band to support high-quality delivery; provide value for money for employers and taxpayers; and ensure consistency in the way older and newer standards are funded.”

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