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Get accreditation for your Lean Six Sigma training with Instructus Skills, the UK’s largest certification body for work-based learning.

Lean Six Sigma and the philosophy of continuous improvement is proven to deliver performance gains, no matter your organisation. Lean develops the speed and efficiency of a process, along with the removal of any non-essential activities, while Six Sigma focuses on effectiveness and the removal of errors. It’s a combined approach to problem resolution that provides a tangible benefit to employers and clients alike.

By accrediting your training with a trusted certification authority, you can guarantee that your Lean Six Sigma qualification meets the highest of standards.

Lean Six Sigma certification accredits you for:

    • Tools & Techniques: Understanding how the methods of analysing data and existing processes apply to any organisation, no matter the industry or sector.
    • Process & Methodology: From process mapping to the application of Six Sigma methodology, certification proves your ability at putting your training into practice.
    • Mindset & Culture: A way of thinking that focuses on using data and processes to drive continuous improvement and meet empirical performance goals.

Lean Six Sigma Certifications

Yellow Belt

This will provide your teams with a fundamental understanding of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and the ability to participate in an improvement project.

Green Belt

Your teams will gain the skills necessary to successfully complete DMAIC projects, including basic knowledge of planning, team problem-solving methods and improvement strategies.

Black Belt

This programme is ideal for those leading the local deployment of improvement strategy, in supporting the delivery of business goals.

Master Black Belt

This programme is for those who have passed Six Sigma Black Belt and wish to build on their knowledge to become Six Sigma experts.

Quality Assurance by the Certification Experts

Instructus Skills is the UK’s largest apprenticeship certification authority. We work closely with the ESFA and skills authorities to ensure that training across the country meets the standards of quality that employers demand.

As a standards sector body we represent the skills needs of over 11 million employees every year, and as an ESFA-approved End Point Assessment Organisation we are responsible for the assessment and grading of learners across a range of standards.

When it comes to assessing vocational training, we know what quality looks like.

Expert Training Delivery

Before certification comes Lean Six Sigma training. As such, we are proud to recommend one of the best training providers in the business today – CQM Training & Consultancy.

Part of the Instructus Skills network, CQM Training & Consultancy are experts in the field of Lean Six Sigma. A multiple award-winning training provider, CQM Training & Consultancy delivers comprehensive training and development programmes across all sectors, both in the UK and abroad.

If you are developing a Lean Six Sigma Academy for your organisation, CQM Training & Consultancy can carry out the assessment of your internal programmes to confirm that the necessary standards are being achieved. Instructus Skills would then accredit this certification to add the guarantee of our quality assurance process.

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Instructus Skills is a pan-sector body that represents the training needs of over 11 million employees across the UK. From consultations to certification, we ensure that apprenticeships deliver the skilled workers that employers need.

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