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A Milestone End Point Assessment

During National Apprenticeship Week we reached a milestone End Point Assessment.

Kelly Jay-Waghorne celebrated completing Level 3 Business Administrator – thus becoming the 50th apprentice to complete EPA with Instructus Skills.

And – by an amazing coincidence – we reached this number just as the Institute recognised the UK’s 100,000th successful apprenticeship completion.

Instructus Skills COO Damian Brown said: “It was fantastic to achieve our 50th End Point Assessment during National Apprenticeship Week.”

“We’ve built our service carefully around the learners and our customers, taking time to listen to feedback and ensure we are ready for expansion – which is happening in 2021.”

“We are proud of our excellent learner and customer survey feedback and are already planning our next EPA milestone for National Apprenticeship Week 2022.”

Of her apprenticeship, Kelly told us: “I developed many skills, such as how to effectively communicate in a team, Excel, Word and PowerPoint skills, how to create reports, problem-solving and project management skills.”

“I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone, of any age, as no matter your age you can always do with developing and growing yourself and your knowledge.”

Instructus Skills began delivering End Point Assessment in early 2020. Since then, we have built relationships with a growing number of clients.

This milestone End Point Assessment is a mark of success, but it’s also just the beginning.

As an EPAO, we commit to putting the learner first and providing excellent customer service. We’ve proven we can deliver on that commitment 50 times already, and that number is only going to grow.

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