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National Apprenticeship Week 2020

National Apprenticeship Week 2020 Logo | Instructus SkillsNational Apprenticeship Week 2020 is here and we are delighted that #LookBeyond is the theme this year.

We’ve supported apprentices and training providers since 1996 across a wide range of sectors and occupations. One of the most important pieces of feedback we’ve received is that people didn’t realise the possibilities that come with starting an apprenticeship.

As the Pan-Sector Skills Body and an End Point Assessment Organisation, we firmly believe in apprenticeships. To that end we are thrilled to have two employees on apprenticeships. We’ve supported them from the start, and a look back on our own news articles gives great insight to what Fiona thought before becoming an apprentice at Instructus and what Brandon (our newest apprentice recruit) thinks too.

Nigel Hopkins, the Chairman of Instructus and passionate supporter of work-based learning sums this up nicely:

“Our commitment to lifelong learning is the core of what we do as an organisation. I am delighted at how we help people grow, both for our own people and for our partners”.

Improving Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours

With many employers now focusing more on aptitude rather than qualifications, the career-building opportunities for apprentices have never been better. Improving knowledge, skills and behaviours through the new standards enables apprentices to be able to demonstrate their full range of capabilities and showcase these through the new End Point Assessment process.

After that, the possibilities are endless and the focus is definitely about making an impact – not making the tea.

National Apprenticeship Week 2020 is sure to have encouraged many more organisations to look at apprenticeships. Are you looking to start? Whether you are an apprentice, training provider or employer, we have a range of resources that can help you.

All we ask is please, don’t forget to book your End Point Assessment early!

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