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Management & Leadership has been identified as a strategic area of importance across the UK economy in both the private and public sectors. Approximately 2.8 million employees in the UK operate within management roles or require management skills.

The development of these skills has been at the forefront of Government policy over the past decade: they can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful organisation. Management skills cross a number of qualification levels, from team leading to strategic management and chief executive roles.


Our suite of National Occupational Standards (NOS) has been developed to cover all Management & Leadership-related job functions. The NOS cover the functions at a number of levels of responsibility and complexity. They are relevant to anyone who has a management or leadership role, or who undertakes management and leadership functions as part of their work.

The standards are organised in six themes:

  • Managing Self
  • Providing Direction
  • Facilitating Innovation & Change
  • Working With People
  • Using Resources
  • Achieving Results

Management & Leadership (PDF) ⇢

We also have the following resources to support you in the use of the standards:


A range of vocational and academic Management & Leadership qualifications are available within the UK and internationally. A number of specific Management & Leadership vocational qualifications have been developed from levels 2 to 7.

Please find below the latest assessment strategy for Management & Leadership NVQs/SVQs.

Assessment Strategy (PDF) ⇢

QCF Units

QCF units have been developed by the Management Standards Centre to cover the knowledge and skills needed by those in Management and Leadership roles.

Management & Leadership QCF Units (PDF) ⇢

Define the Standards for Your Sector

Our NOS and frameworks have been developed to best represent the skills that you need in your sector. If you would like to join one of our sector-focused steering groups and ensure that training continues to work for your business, please contact us on

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