Apprentice Ambition: Welcome to Work!

As you may have read (in our recent interview with another star apprentice) we’ve already shared a little insight into what it’s like to start an apprenticeship when you’re working. But what’s it like when you’re starting both an apprenticeship and a new job at the same time?

We recently welcomed Brandon Reed to the Instructus Skills team in the role of apprentice Digital Application Developer. After giving him a couple of weeks to get started we’ve caught up with him for a chat to find out what his experience has been like so far…

“I would say that my first week at Instructus has gone pretty well and I’ve definitely settled in. I’m getting on with everyone here and getting on well with my manager too.”

Brandon, who joins us with a working knowledge of HTML, CSS and other acronym-based languages, is already finding his place in the business. Projects he’s already worked on include an equipment audit and team application training, giving him plenty of exposure to the rest of the business.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect before starting at Instructus. I thought I would be doing a lot of induction based things, like health and safety and meeting the team but I have been doing other tasks throughout the week and helping out my colleagues too. A lot of the work I have been doing this week has been me going through policies to make sure I understand them. I have been working with different software and coding too to get an insight of what I will be doing in the next coming weeks.”

“My previous work was in a plumbing warehouse. I can say I already prefer working in an office compared to factory work! This isn’t my first full time job, but it is my first job working in an office and so far, so good.”

As a responsible apprentice employer, we’re working with training provider Starting Off to give Brandon a supportive environment where he can develop his skills and make the role his own. Of course, a large part of that is making sure that his work ties into the career path he’s opted to take.

“I have started working with systems that will relate back to my apprenticeship. I’m currently working with WordPress and getting familiar with that. I’ve been trying to figure my way around certain processes that I will be using in my apprenticeship once I get started.”

“I’m looking forward to the next few months.”

It’s great to see Brandon already getting settled into the team and getting to grips with the systems he’ll be using. We’re excited to see how he can grow with the business and looking forward to catching up with him further into his apprenticeship to see what he’s been getting up to…

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