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Recommendation Survey 2020

In February, we asked our partners and subscribers a simple yes or no question – would you recommend our services?

Now that we’ve tallied up the responses, we’re proud to announce that yes – an overwhelming majority of you are happy to recommend us for what we do.

Out of an accumulated total of 108 responses, 104 respondents – or 96.3% – believe that we are worth recommending. It’s an encouraging sign that our work has a positive effect on your work-based learning.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Instructus”, said Trish Kilgour, Programme Administrator at BPP Professional Apprentices.

“When adding new learners to MA online or Completers they are always quick to complete the registration or approval of certificates.”

“If I have had any queries and have emailed them I always get a quick response.”

What Services Do You Recommend?

With the changes that have occurred in apprenticeship training in recent years, our core delivery has changed too.

    • Apprenticeship Certification is what most of you will know us for. As the UK’s largest apprenticeship certification body, we’ve likely engaged with you at some point in your training delivery.
    • Skills Development remains a crucial part of our business, and we’re currently working with a range of partners on both European and UK-based projects.
    • Our latest core service is End Point Assessment. It’s the biggest change to apprenticeship training for a generation, which is where our experience and expertise helps to set us apart.


As an employer, you expect work-based learning to deliver certain outcomes. We help to ensure that this happens, but we can’t do it without you. From National Occupational Standards to End Point Assessment, it takes your feedback to make this possible.

This is why it’s vital that you have a say on how apprenticeships work for your business.

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