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SASE Framework Withdrawal: What You Need to Know

You may think that SASE framework withdrawal sounds complicated, but in practice, it should have little effect on your business.

So what does it mean? SASE frameworks were the main curriculum of apprenticeship frameworks in England. Following apprenticeship reform, the Education Skills & Funding Agency (ESFA) has replaced these frameworks with new, employer-led Standards.

These new Standards are subject to a new assessment process called End Point Assessment.

SASE framework withdrawal, therefore, refers to the staged process of phasing out the older apprenticeship frameworks.

In January, the UK Government announced that the proposed withdrawal of SASE frameworks within batches 4 and 5 had been postponed until 2020.

This delay has raised several questions about the withdrawal process and how it will affect employers, training providers, and apprentices. Following correspondence on the topic, we have put together the following FAQ to outline how this postponement will affect you.

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Are frameworks in earlier batches still being withdrawn?

Frameworks listed in batches (1-3) and frameworks that have a published, confirmed delayed withdrawal date are to be withdrawn as previously specified.

Click here to view all apprenticeship frameworks listed for withdrawal (GOV.UK site) ⇢

Which SASE frameworks are already withdrawn?

The following frameworks are now all withdrawn. The date of the last possible new starts for these frameworks was 30th September 2017.
Framework NameLevelWithdrawal Date
Building Products Industry Occupations201/06/2016
Energy Assessment & Advice301/06/2016
Volunteer Management301/12/2016
Public Relations401/12/2016
Business Innovation & Growth501/12/2016
Contact Centre Operations Management401/12/2016
Local Taxation & Benefits301/12/2016
Housing2, 330/09/2017

Will there be any further SASE framework closures before 2020?

It is our understanding that the Government will not withdraw any further English apprenticeship frameworks until 2020. This includes all frameworks in batches 4 and 5 that were previously scheduled for withdrawal and any frameworks that are not yet scheduled for withdrawal.

The date at which the next set of frameworks will close is still unconfirmed.

Will Instructus Skills withdraw any SASE frameworks before 2020?

As communicated we currently have no plans to withdraw our frameworks ahead of official framework withdrawal in 2020. However, we always welcome feedback from employers, training providers, and awarding organisations about your needs.

If you would like to discuss frameworks or any of our services in more detail, please contact us.

Can we still transition to the replacement standard as planned?

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has suggested that issuing authorities may consider withdrawing these frameworks voluntarily (pending notice). They have advised that this notice period should be at least six months. Even in that instance, there will be no official Government withdrawal until 2020.

Instructus currently has no plans to withdraw any frameworks earlier than 2020. However, we will listen and respond to our network of employers, training providers, awarding organisations, and professional bodies.

Do the ESFA intend to review funding bands for frameworks due to this announcement?

The ESFA has stated that they are not reviewing SASE framework funding bands. However, the Department for Education has announced a plan to review funding bands for standards in response to employer feedback.

It is not yet clear whether framework withdrawal will impact the differential levels of funding between frameworks and Standards. However, we will monitor developments and update this page accordingly.

If you have any questions about SASE framework withdrawal please contact us.

End Point Assessment is here. Instructus Skills is an End Point Assessment Organisation for the following Standards:

Retailer (Level 2)
Business Administrator (Level 3)
Retail Team Leader (Level 3)
Team Leader (Level 3)

Find out more about EPA here.

End Point Assessment (EPA) | Instructus Skills


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