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SASE Framework Withdrawal: What You Need to Know

In January, the UK Government announced that the proposed withdrawal of SASE frameworks within batches 4 and 5 had been postponed until 2020.

This delay has raised several pertinent questions about the ongoing withdrawal process, and how it will affect employers, training providers and apprentices operating within these frameworks. Following correspondence on the topic we have put together the following FAQ to outline how this postponement will affect you.

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    Will there be any SASE framework closures before 2020?

    It is our understanding that the Government will not withdraw any further English apprenticeship frameworks until 2020. This includes all frameworks in batches 4 and 5 that had previously been scheduled for earlier withdrawal, and any frameworks that have not yet been scheduled for withdrawal at all.

    The actual date in 2020 at which the next set of frameworks will close is still to be confirmed.

    Are SASE frameworks in earlier batches still being withdrawn?

    Frameworks previously announced in the earlier batches (1-3) that have either already been withdrawn, or frameworks that have already received a published, confirmed delayed withdrawal date will be withdrawn as previously specified.

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    Can we still transition to the replacement standard as planned?

    The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has suggested that issuing authorities may still consider withdrawing these frameworks voluntarily, pending an adequate period of notice. They have advised that this notice period should be at least six months. Even in that instance, there will be no official Government withdrawal until 2020.

    Instructus currently has no plans to withdraw any frameworks earlier that 2020, however we will listen and respond to our network of employers, training providers, awarding organisations and professional bodies.

    Do the ESFA intend to review funding bands for frameworks due to this announcement?

    The ESFA have stated that SASE framework funding bands are not being reviewed as a direct result of this announcement. However, we are aware that the Department for Education have just announced that they plan to review funding bands for standards in response to employer feedback.

    It is not yet clear whether this will impact the differential levels of funding between frameworks and standards, but we will monitor developments and update this page accordingly.

    Will Instructus withdraw any of their SASE frameworks?

    As previously communicated, at this point we have no plans to withdraw any of our frameworks ahead of the official Government withdrawal in 2020. However, we always welcome feedback from employers, training providers and awarding organisations.

    If you would like to discuss frameworks or any of our services in more detail, please contact us.

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