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SASW Welsh Apprenticeship Framework Updates: April 2018

In partnership with Awarding Organisations and employers, we have issued revised SASW frameworks on the Apprenticeship Frameworks Online (AFO) website.

The list of updated apprenticeships is below. Click the apprenticeship title to view the respective framework on the AFO website.

SASW Welsh Apprenticeship Framework Updates: April 2018

SASW FrameworksNew FR NumberIssue Number
Operational Delivery at Level 3 (Wales)FR042671
Higher Apprenticeship in Chartered Management - Level 5 (Wales)FR042491

As the UK’s largest skills sector body covering a variety of occupations (many of which appear in the Welsh apprenticeship frameworks on the AFO), Instructus are here to work with employers, training providers and awarding organisations to improve skills, apprenticeships and vocational training.

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