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Standard Versions Launched for End-Point Assessment

From June, End-Point Assessment standards will become subject to embedded version controls.

Once in place, these versions will clearly identify where any apprenticeship standards have been updated or amended. This will help ensure that the apprentice is graded according to the correct criteria for their standard, and receive the correct certification.

It’s another step to help ensure enhanced consistency across apprenticeship training.

This process change has been announced following recent consultations by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

In an announcement, the ESFA said:

“Over the last five months, we have been working closely with you through user research to ensure your needs for standard versions are embedded into our design decisions.”

“We are excited to announce over the coming months you will start to notice changes within the apprenticeship EPAO journey and begin to see standard versions embedded as part of the user journey.”

Updating the Process

Under this new process, End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) will record an apprentice’s grade according to the version of the standard that they trained against. As an EPAO, we have taken several steps to incorporate standard versions into our process.

We have:

    • Updated the LMS Registration Form to allow it to capture the standard version at that point.
    • Updated the LMS to include current standard versions and allow the addition of later versions.

We are working on new guidance that will reflect these changes. If you have registered with Instructus Skills for your End-Point Assessment, you will be able to access this guidance via your LMS account.

Read More: End-Point Assessment FAQ

If you currently have learners in training, now is the time to think about their End-Point Assessment.

Instructus Skills are an ESFA-approved End-Point Assessment Organisation with a flexible, apprentice-centered approach. See our range of standards here.

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