The Apprenticeship Levy Explained

You may well have heard of the apprenticeship levy in recent years. However, unless you’re working in the day-to-day of apprenticeship recruitment you may not be completely clear on what it is – or how it affects your business. In this post we’re going to break down: Who has to pay the apprenticeship levy? How … Continue reading The Apprenticeship Levy Explained

What Makes Great End Point Assessment?

When you’re developing a great End Point Assessment (EPA) service it can be easy to get lost in the detail. Our development teams have focused on their own areas of expertise, infusing our service with skill and experience. Even so, we’ve kept in touch to ensure that everything’s heading in the same direction. Whether it’s … Continue reading What Makes Great End Point Assessment?

Our Team Leader EPA Joins the YPO

If you’re a public sector organisation you can now access our Team Leader End Point Assessment service through the YPO. As a procurement service that works for a variety of public sector organisations, the YPO combines requirements to secure a better price for services than you may be able to find alone. What’s more, as … Continue reading Our Team Leader EPA Joins the YPO

What You Need to Know About Your EPAO

Apprenticeships – What’s Changed? With the advent of End Point Assessment, apprenticeships in England have changed for good. Under the old frameworks system (many of which we helped to develop), training providers would assess an apprentice’s competency along a linear path. Yet many employers found that this system created a gap between what the apprentice … Continue reading What You Need to Know About Your EPAO