The Apprenticeship Levy Explained

You may well have heard of the apprenticeship levy in recent years. However, unless you’re working in the day-to-day of apprenticeship recruitment you may not be completely clear on what it is – or how it affects your business. In this post we’re going to break down: Who has to pay the apprenticeship levy? How … Continue reading The Apprenticeship Levy Explained

Apprenticeship Funding Rules – Changes Incoming

You may be aware that in August 2018 changes were made to the current Apprenticeship Funding rules which will have an affect on existing SASE Higher frameworks. Learners undertaking a Level 3 or Higher Apprenticeship are now required to either hold or achieve a Level 2 or equivalent in English and Maths. Additionally, at least … Continue reading Apprenticeship Funding Rules – Changes Incoming