General Election 2019 – Apprenticeships Guide

Unless you’ve been living without an internet connection since the end of October you’ll be well aware that we’re headed for a General Election. As it is, December 12th marks a critical vote for the country. The team here have taken a look at the manifestos from the three main UK parties to see what’s … Continue reading General Election 2019 – Apprenticeships Guide

The Apprenticeship Levy Explained

You may well have heard of the apprenticeship levy in recent years. However, unless you’re working in the day-to-day of apprenticeship recruitment you may not be completely clear on what it is – or how it affects your business. In this post we’re going to break down: Who has to pay the apprenticeship levy? How … Continue reading The Apprenticeship Levy Explained

Apprenticeship Levy Reforms Announced

The government has announced a series of Apprenticeship Levy reforms following calls from business leaders for the scheme to be more flexible. These reforms will include additional funds for the development of apprenticeship standards. £90 million of funding will be freed to enable employers to transfer 25% of their apprenticeship funds to employees of businesses … Continue reading Apprenticeship Levy Reforms Announced

Digital Transformation for Government at CGBT 2018

On 25th September the Central Government Business & Technology (CGBT) Conference 2018 took place at Victoria Park Plaza, London. The event, hosted by Whitehall Media, was an opportunity for Civil Service departments to come together and share best practice in digital transformation. As Instructus Skills has recently taken on responsibility for certificating and issuing apprenticeships … Continue reading Digital Transformation for Government at CGBT 2018